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Dinitrol Dröhnex 440 1L Gray

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    Dinitrol Dröhnex 440 1L Gray
    DINITROL 440 grey Dröhnex Bodywork Protection


    DINITROL 440 is long-term protection products against corrosion and stone chipping with a synthetic resin/plastic basis. After drying, the materials are resistant to carbon hydride-based cold cleaning agents, surfactant-based acid and alkaline high pressure cleaners, salt water and road salt.

    The products are especially suitable for coating entry steps, door sills, spoilers, rear valances and wheel housing, and in light of its anti-drone effect, for interior spaces, boots, bonnets, etc. where bitumen-based products cannot be used. Other areas of application are the rear coati

    Method of use:
    The surface to be treated must be clean and free from dust and grease. Loose rust must be removed. Concerning corrosion pits from which rust cannot be removed using a brush, we recommend pre-treatment with rust converter. Smooth lacquers should be burnished before coating. DINITROL 440 is supplied in a ready-to-use condition. To apply the product, a suction pipe gun with an approx. 3 mm nozzle is screwed onto the funnel bottle and the product is sprayed evenly onto the dust and grease-free surface with air pressure of 3 − 5 bar. Layer thicknesses of up to 1 mm can be applied wet per application procedure. After material application, the gun must be cleaned carefully, given that blocked guns may cause the can to explode. If the material is not yet dry, spray mist and spatters can be removed with a cloth soaked in petroleum spirit. Dried material can be removed with nitro thinner or through mechanical filing. If necessary, the products can be coated with standard vehicle lacquer after drying. The material must be completely dry before applying lacquer.
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