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3M 9332+ Aura mask FFP3 with valve FFP3

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    3M 9332+ Aura mask FFP3 with valve FFP3
    3M 9332+ Aura mask FFP3 with valve FFP3
    3M 9332+ Aura mask FFP3 with valve FFP3
    3M 9332+ Aura mask FFP3 with valve FFP3
    3M 09332+ Dust mask FFP3 with valve, P3

    Respirator 3M 9332, NR D FFP3.

    3M 9332 with exhalation valve protection class FFP3 protection factor 50x NPK-P. Protection against fine dust, liquid aerosols based on water and oil, metal fumes. 9332 Aura respirator with Cool Flow exhalation valve against solid particles for use in humid and hot environments, such as the pharmaceutical, construction, ceramic, glass and food industries, agriculture, pollen, base metal production, shipbuilding / repair, iron and foundry, brick , refractory materials, powder chemicals.

    NR - indicates a disposable respirator (only for one shift)
    D - indicates compliance with clogging resistance requirements

    FFP3 = provides protection against solid, less toxic particles.
    The maximum permissible concentration of pollutants must not exceed 50 times the NPK-P value.

    EN 149: 2001
    CE marking
    Protection class: FFP3
    Protection factor: 50x NPK-P
    Protection against: fine dust, liquid aerosols based on water and oil, metal fumes

    The perfect combination with 3M goggles, don't forget the safety helmet.

    Agricultural industry and forestry
    Manufacturing industry (tobacco industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, rubber industry, plastics, processing and production of other non-metallic mineral products, foundry industry, electrical engineering industry, engineering industry, automotive industry, repair)

    Work activites:
    Mechanical work and machine operation (stone work, earthenware / ceramic work, metal grinding & polishing, cutting, drilling)
    Waste / Removal / Cleaning / Maintenance
    Work in clean rooms / Laboratories (work with pharmaceutical / toxic powders, work in the laboratory)
    Outdoor and construction work (outdoor work, site preparation, site work, insulation, Asbestos inspection, Asbestos removal and work, road work, cement work, forest / garden work, agricultural work, pesticide spraying)

    Work risks:
    Respiratory system
    Dry particles
    Water and oil based aerosols

    Product code 060-M02
    Weight 0.020 KG
    Safety standard: EN149: 2001
    D - anti-clogging respirator exhalation valve: meets clogging resistance requirements
    Respirator protection class: FFP1 low concentration
    NR - disposable respirator ..: means disposable respirator (one shift only)
    Particle protection factor: 4x NPK-P
    Exhalation valve (respirator): yes
    Minimum quantity: 1
    Manufacturer: 3M
    Respiratory protection against: fine dust, liquid aerosols based on water and oil

    A general description of:
    3M ™ 9300 Series Particle Filter Half Masks provide effective respiratory protection in industries where workers are exposed to dust or non-volatile liquid particles.
    • The products have been tested and approved according to EU standards in accordance with standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009.
    • Foldable patented construction consisting of 3 parts allows greater facial movements and provides greater comfort for the worker, also facilitates storage.
    • Separate hygienic packaging protects the half mask from contamination.
    • The foam in the nose area absorbs sweat, rests softly on the skin and allows the use of eye protection to prevent fogging.
    • Braided straps increase comfort and a sense of security on the neck, face and head.
    • Advanced 3M elektr electret filter material provides efficient filtration with low inspiratory resistance and provides a consistently high effect.
    • The 3M ™ Cool Flow Vý exhalation valve increases comfort in hot humid environments and during demanding physical work.
    • Colored straps for easy identification: yellow for category FFP1, blue for category FFP2 and red for category FFP3.

    Deployment instructions:
    See Fig. 1. Only use this product with clean hands.
    1. Turn the back part upwards, separating the bottom part and the bottom part so that they form a cup-shaped shape.
    2. Check that all parts are completely disassembled.
    3. Hold the half mask with one hand with the open side facing the face. Grasp both straps with your other hand. Hold the mask under your chin, with the nose up, and pull both straps over your head.
    4. Place the upper strap over your head and the lower strap under your ears. The clamping straps must not be twisted. Adjust the upper and lower parts so that they fit comfortably on the face, check that the parts are not folded.
    5. Using both hands, shape the upper part to the shape of the root of your nose so that it fits snugly and seals properly. If you use only one hand to shape the clamp, the effectiveness of the half mask may be reduced.
    6. Before entering the workplace, it is necessary to check the tightness of the half mask on the face.
    3M 9332+ Aura mask FFP3 with valve FFP3 3M 9332+ Aura mask FFP3 with valve FFP3
    3M 9332+ Aura mask FFP3 with valve FFP3 3M 9332+ Aura mask FFP3 with valve FFP3
    3M 9332+ Aura mask FFP3 with valve FFP3 3M 9332+ Aura mask FFP3 with valve FFP3
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