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Dinitrol Universal UBS 482 Spray 500ml

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    Dinitrol Universal UBS 482 Spray 500ml
    DINITROL 482 Long-term corrosion protection of vehicle chassis

    Dinitrol 482 is a black bitumen and wax-based underbody protection. It is especially suitable for the treatment of vehicle chassis in primary production, car repair and will also find application in DIY.

    Dinitrol 482 is applied to surfaces free of dirt, grime, oil and loose old coatings of preservatives. These areas must also be dry. Dinitrol 482 is sprayed evenly crosswise on the treated area. The product can be sprayed both with the AIRMIX or AIRLESS device and with a spray. When spraying with guns, we can influence the structure of the applied surface by changing the air pressure and the distance from the object. If a smooth surface is required, the material can be diluted with technical gasoline.
    The spray gun must be thoroughly cleaned after use, as a clogged gun can cause the can to rupture.
    Before use, the spray should be brought to room temperature (20-30 ° C) and mixed well with the inserted mixing ball. After finishing the work, it is necessary to let the spray briefly blow through the propellant gas in the inverted position. Dinitrol 482 can be easily removed with benzine or aromatics-containing solvents.

    Caution: The engine, drive gears, brake parts, pressure lubricators, shock absorbers and cardan shafts must not be sprayed.

    Black colour
    Wax / bitumen base
    Solids content 57%
    Density 1.02 g / ml
    Flash point <0 ° C (active substance)
    Hazard class VfB AI
    Drying time approx. 2 - 4 hours
    Suitable temperature for application 16 - 20 ° C
    Recommended film thickness 0.5 - 1 mm
    Removability of technical gasoline
    Consumption 0.5 - 1l / m²
    Cold and dry storage
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