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Dupli-Color Rust Stop 4 in 1 RAL 3002 carmine red 400ml

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    Dupli-Color Rust Stop 4 in 1 RAL 3002 carmine red 400ml
    Dupli-Color Rust Stop 4 in 1 RAL 3002 carmine red 400ml

    Active rust prevention by effective thick-film paint system in satin matt quality.

    In the liquid-corrosion-inhibitor technology (LCI), a special system of integrated additives has been developed. These completely enclose the structures of the surface you want to paint and thus form a chemical connection. By this, the continuing oxidation stops and achieves a durable rust-protection. This rust protecting paint system combines 4 properties in 1 product:

    1.   Effective primer for perfect adhesion
    2.   Active rust protection by LCI technology
    3.   Highly covering spray paint
    4.    Sealant protecting from environmental influences

    Adheres on nearly all surfaces, such as iron, blank and zinc-plated steel plates, copper, brass, aluminium (e.g. garden fences, gates, banisters, gardening tools etc.). Even applicable on tightly adhering rust and old paintings. Also applicable on wood, stone, GRP or glass.

    Quality and Properties:

    • Solvent-based thick-film paint system
    • Saves precious working time: no derusting and repeated lacquering
    • Reduced cost, as no anti-rust products necessary
    • Longlasting corrosion protection
    • Quick-drying
    • Very good flow
    • High coverage and filling power
    • High elasticity
    • Shock-proof and impact resistant after drying
    • Excellent adherence
    • UV-resistant, non-yellowing
    • Weather-resistant, waterproof
    • Successfully tested in salt spray test over 500 hours
    • Variable broad jet atomisation for horizontal or vertical spraying and a wide, proper spray pattern

    Physicall and Chemical Data:
    • Basis of the binder: Nitro-combi
    • Colour: specific
    • Smell: solvent
    • Degree of gloss: measuring angle 60° after DIN 67530
      Satin matt shades: 30 – 40 gloss units
    • Efficiency:
      Depending on condition and colour of the ground,
      400 ml are sufficient for approx. 1.5 – 2.0 m²
    • Drying (at 20°C, 50% relative air humidity):
      Dust-dry: after 10 minutes
      Dry to touch: after approx. 20 minutes
      Cured/coatable: after approx. 30 minutes
      Can be re-coated: after approx. 12 hours
      The drying time depends of temperature of surroundings, air humidity and thickness of the applied layer.
    • Temperature-resistance: up to 80°C
    • Disposal: Put only empty cans into the recycling bin. Bring cans with remainders of paint to the special refuse disposal.
    • Storage stability:
      10 years if appropriate storage provided (=10°-25°C, relative air humidity max. 60%).
    • Contents: aerosol cans with max. nominal volume of 400 ml

    Using Information:

    The most DUPLI-COLOR spray paints have a so-called no-spray ring or a tamper-proof cap. This is to avoid unauthorized use. Please see the corresponding advises on the cap or on the label.
    Before use, carefully read and observe the warning texts on the label!


    • Remove loose rust from surface by use of a wire brush.
    • We recommend to sand smooth, blank metal surfaces slightly.
    • Surface has to be clean, dry and free of fat.
    • To improve the adherence, we recommend to prepare plastic parts with DUPLI-COLOR Plastic Primer.
    • Shake can for 3 minutes.
    • Test spray at an inconspicuous spot and test the compatibility.
    • Mask off areas not to be painted.
    • Spray several thin coats. Spray distance approx. 25 cm.
    • Do not spray on surfaces lacquered with synthetic paint!

    Tips for Spray Painting

    Protect the object and the surrounding area from spray mist. When painting small areas it is recommended that a piece of card is used as a mask, with a hole cut in it slightly larger than the area to be sprayed. The mask should be held 1 to 2 cm from the surface. With this method, the mainly part of the spray mist is brought under control. It recommends to mask parts not to be lacquered, to protect the surrounding against the spray mist.

    The aerosol can should have room temperature.

    Temperature should range between +10°C and +25°C, max. air humidity 60 %.

    Store in a dry place. Protect from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. Use only during dry weather, in places protected from the wind, and in well-ventilated rooms. Follow the warning texts on the labels!


    Color  Product  Bundle  Art.No. 
     RUST STOP RAL 7011 eisengrau sdm.  400 ml  179334 
     RUST STOP RAL 5010 enzianblau sdm. 400 ml  868351 
     RUST STOP RAL 3000 feuerrot sdm.  400 ml  179303 
     RUST STOP RAL 1015 hellelfen.sdm. 400 ml  179266 
     RUST STOP RAL 3002 karminrot sdm 400 ml  162459 
     RUST STOP RAL 7035 lichtgrau sdm. 400 ml  179341 
     RUST STOP RAL 6005 moosgrün sdm. 400 ml  868368 
     RUST STOP RAL 1021 rapsgelb sdm.  400 ml  179273 
     RUST STOP RAL 2004 reinorange sdm.  400 ml  179297 
     RUST STOP RAL 9010 reinweiss sdm. 400  400 ml  868337 
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