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IWATA Super Nova WS-400-EVO Gravity Spraygun 1.3 Base

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    IWATA Super Nova WS-400-EVO Gravity Spraygun 1.3 Base

    Anest Iwata WS-400-EVO Base 1.3 - 13244113EP

    WS400 Supernova Spray Gun Complete with 600ml Pot

    PININFARINA, the Italian design house renowned for some of history's top car designs, has worked closely with ANEST IWATA to produce a gun that combines elegance with the ultimate in spray gun design.

    An in depth study by the University of Pavia, into the perfect balance and optimal ergonomics, has been closely considered by PININFARINA designers and ANEST IWATA engineers to produce this state of the art spray gun.

    The SUPERNOVA delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing which, when combined with its flat and even fan pattern, helps to reduce common issues such as boil and pin holing on HS Clear Coats.

    This new superior model takes spraying of modern water based basecoats and HS Clear Coats to another level.

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