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Iwata NEO CN Gravity Dual-Action Airbrush

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    Iwata NEO CN Gravity Dual-Action Airbrush
    Iwata NEO CN Gravity Dual-Action Airbrush
    Iwata NEO CN Gravity Dual-Action Airbrush

    Iwata NEO CN Gravity Dual-Action Airbrush

    The Neo Series are versatile, value-priced airbrushes that can be used with a variety of different paints and mediums. Plus they are easy to use and clean. Iwata-Medea produced the Neo Series airbrushes to perform well at lower air pressures when used with smaller air compressors. The Neo for Iwata CN gravity feed airbrush is preferred when working in small to medium sized areas with small amounts of paint. Gravity feed airbrushes perform well at lower air pressures, which help create greater detail.

    The interchangeable gravity-feed cups offer paint capacity options. The larger size offers easy in-cup paint mixing. The medium size makes it easy to see over and good to view the working surface. The no-cup option is great for quick touch-ups when only a tiny amount of paint is needed.

    Typical gravity-feed airbrush applications include:

    • Cake Decorating
    • Bakery Crafts
    • Hobbies
    • Cosmetics
    • Miniature Hobbies
    • Crafts
    • Illustration
    • Finger Nail Art
    • Photo Retouching


    The Neo for Iwata CN gravity feed airbrush features:

    • A 0.35mm needle and nozzle combination for finer detail spraying and medium sized spray patterns
    • Interchangeable large 9ml (1/3oz) and medium 1.8ml (1/16oz) cups designed with a funnel shape, which makes for easy clean up and more efficient paint flow. (Both cups are included with airbrush).
    • Airbrush will hold 0.9ml (1/32oz) without a cup attached
    • Fine detail to 1" (0.3mm to 25mm) spray pattern with the one size nozzle
    • Dual-action
    • Internal-mix
    • Gravity feed
    • Air Pressure: Recommended operation is between 5 and 35 psi. Ideal for use with smaller air compressors.

    You will also need:

    • Air source (look at recommended iwata studio compressors)
    • Air Hose (look at iwata hoses

      All Neo for Iwata Airbrushes are warranted by Anest Iwata-Medea agaist all manufacturing defects of materials and manufacture or workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover needles, nozzles, packing and o-rings as these parts need to be replaced occasionally due to normal wear. Any other part or material that is or becomes defective so as not to be usable within this period will be replaced or repaired. This warranty does not cover damage caused by negligence or airbrushes that have been altered in any way. It also does onot cover cleaning or servicing. 

    Iwata NEO CN Gravity Dual-Action Airbrush  
    Iwata NEO CN Gravity Dual-Action Airbrush  
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