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Skoda 1026 (9P9P) candy white (Candyweiss) spray paint 150ml

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    Skoda 1026 (9P9P) candy white (Candyweiss) spray paint 150ml
    Skoda spray paint 150 ml.

    Škoda 1026 (9P9P) candy white (Candyweiss). For Škoda Citigo, Fabia, Rapid, Roomster, SuberB, Yeti and Felicia medals. This color has been used since 1996.
    Motip Škoda shades are high-quality acrylic paints in the Škoda shade range applicable to all types of roughened and degreased surfaces, such as: steel, wood, plastic (after applying the base to plastics), old paints and enamels, etc.
    These are paints in acrylic quality, in a wide range of color shades (smooth and metallic) and colorless acrylic varnish with high gloss, fillers, primers, spray sealants and primers for plastics. All aerosols in this series have a cone nozzle.

    Shake the can for 3 minutes before use. Try working with a spray. Apply from a distance of about 25 cm. Apply the first thin layer, the second full to a gloss and for metallic and pearlescent shades the third dust layer. After 24 hours, it is possible to increase the gloss by polishing, or to remove imperfections from the application. Spray metallized car paints with clear varnish after 30 minutes.
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